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    Angel of Death,detail,Emile Jean Horace Vernet

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    … it’s not hard to be sympathetic. But maybe in the way Lena Dunham is in “Girls” a show that perceives them with a caustic and withering eye and is also sympathetic. And this is crucial: you can be both. In-fact in order to be an artist, to raise yourself above the din in an over-reactionary fear-based culture that considers criticism elitist, you need to be both.



    Who speaks for the establishment? This should be pretty self-explanatory but just in case… It’s a political cartoon about the general decay of countercultures and how over time they take on a “boutique” quality while coming to hypocritically embody the values they apparently stand against.

    In time.

    Spot on. 

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    Well then.

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    Slowly it is coming together



    shes so much of everything, ive never listened to tori amos before for no particular reason 

    her voice is crazy

    You’re late. But you’re so welcome at this party.

    About fucking time


    after i finished listening to this album for the first time, i paused to think about what i wanted to put on next. what taste had this music left in my mouth, what did it leave me wanting to hear next. i thought for a minute, then started it over again.

    totally crushed out is one of those…

    retreat from the sun is even better

    16,307 plays






    Try and tell me this isn’t beautiful, BROTHER!

    Please listen to this and be enlightened, my BROOOOOTHERS!!

    Still amazing. RIP Ultimate Warrior, you beautiful man.

    yyyy sky dome

    *salutes while crying*

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